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Tired of a dog who doesn’t come when called? Who walks you instead of the other way around? Who seems to forget her own name at the most inconvenient times? Let me help.

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As a professional, highly certified dog trainer I can turn your dog’s selective hearing into rapt attention. And the best part? I use only humane, positive methods so you enjoy peace of mind along with your training results.

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Imagine your dog…

  • Coming when you call
  • Walking calmly by your side
  • Sitting and lying down politely
  • Actually staying when you say stay
  • Waiting at the door until you say go
  • Dropping items when you ask

In short, imagine a well-behaved dog who’s a delight to live with and the envy of friends and neighbors.

It is possible, and I’d love to help make it happen for you.


I offer 2 pathways to dog training success:

I teach you to train.

Fun, convenient dog training sessions in your home get you and your dog working on the same page together.

I train for you.

To-do list already uncomfortably long? No worries—I’ll get the dog training done for you.

Hello, I’m Penny Howard

I’m a Karen Pryor Academy graduate and Certified Training Partner, and I love seeing my clients enjoy the best in their dogs. Learn more about me and my professional qualifications.

Why hire a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Trainer?

For peace of mind. Dog training is an unregulated industry—anyone can call themselves a dog trainer. Hiring a KPA CTP assures your dog is trained by a professional who has elected to undertake the most rigorous training program available, and who is committed to only humane, science-based training techniques.

“Couldn’t be happier with the results”

"I couldn't be happier with the results we saw after having our lab trained by Penny. My family was very overwhelmed with such a big and energetic dog! Penny really helped. We are extremely thankful for everything she has done!" –Sally Crick

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