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“Amazing to work with”

"Penny was amazing to work with as we trained our energetic 6 month old lab mix, Charley. We were pleased with the progress Charley made and recommend contacting Penny at Clicker Training Bayou for your dog's obedience training!" –Erin Crain

“Our entire family fell in love with Penny!” Having been through group training with our first puppy, I highly recommend Penny’s training program. It’s a much more personal training experience for you and your dog!” –Shalane Crick

Whatever dog behaviors (or lack thereof) have you down, positive change really is possible.

I offer two ways to achieve that change.

Choose your training pathway:

1. Coaching—I teach you to train your dog

I visit your home each week at a convenient time to work with you and your dog. I get you working smoothly as a team, then set you up with the week’s training homework.

Coaching Advantages: If you enjoy working with your dog and have the time, coaching is great fun! I’ll show you how to get better results with clicker training.

Coaching Fees: $85/hour for single sessions, $75/hour for packages customized to your goals

2. Day training—I train your dog for you

This busy world keeps us all hopping—from work to kids to errands to household chores, and back again. If you’d like a trained dog without having to do the training, day training is your answer. I train your dog for you, then transfer the results to you.

Day Training Advantages: Your dog is trained by a professional dog trainer, which means stronger results in less time. Plus you don’t even have to be there (though you’re welcome to watch)!

Day Training Fees: $85/hour for single sessions, $75/hour for packages customized to your goals

Taking the first step toward a well-behaved dog:

Whichever mode of training you choose—doing your own or allowing me to train for you—the first step is an Initial Consult. In fact, if you’re not sure which pathway is right for you, simply wait to decide once we’ve met together for your IC.

Initial Consult Fee: $95 for 90 minutes

At Your Initial Consult: I’ll learn about your dog and your training goals. You’ll learn why your dog is doing—or not doing—the things he does, and how the training process will work to change all that. By the end, we’ll have a customized training plan specific to your goals, timeline, and lifestyle.

Enjoy a dog who…

  • Comes when called
  • Walks nicely on leash
  • Responds to her name
  • Sits and lies down on cue
  • Stays until released
  • Waits at doors

…is a joy to live with.

What is clicker training?

Clicker training uses a small hand-held noise box to help bridge the communication gap between dogs and humans and speed canine learning—and dog training results. It’s fun and effective and easy to use. Learn more about clicker training and why I use it.



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